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Focusing on Federal Employment Law for Federal Employees

Welcome to Minahan Muther Klinger, P.C.

Welcome to Minahan Muther Klinger, P.C.

Minahan Muther Klinger, PC is a dedicated and talented team of attorneys focused on protecting the rights of federal employees and their unions throughout the United States. We understand the complex legal and procedural nature of federal sector employment law. For this reason, since our inception in 1984, we have chosen to focus exclusively on the representation of federal employees and federal sector labor unions throughout the United States and abroad. We know that employment disputes can have a profound and sometimes devastating effect on an employee's personal and professional life. The mission of our firm is to represent employees and unions to ensure that the individual and collective rights of the worker are protected; that the federal workplace remains free of illegal discrimination and retaliation; and to ensure fairness and equity for all federal employees.

Minahan Muther Klinger P.C.

Whether you are a Union or an Individual Federal Employee, contact us through our online form or at (303) 986-0054 to speak to an attorney about your federal sector employment law issues. We welcome the opportunity to answer your inquiries and to determine whether our knowledge and experience of federal employment and labor law can be put to use on your behalf.

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